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  • Aaron J. Rauen, D.D.S

  • Jack E. Osterhaus, D.D.S

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Smile Gallery

What makes you smile?

It is our pleasure to showcase our work to you. All patients shown here are actual patients of Dr. Downs or Dr. Rauen.

Cosmetic Dentistry is an art as much as it is a science. Beauty can be measured and created. Using metrics based on your own golden proportions, we will work towards our goal of achieving your rejuvenated smile.


This patient required a laser gum lift and tooth extraction before cosmetic Crowns and bridges were placed..  

Before After


This person had large gaps and misshaped teeth.  She did not want the gum tissues grafted to get a more regular gum line.  Only the front four teeth were veneered.  

Before After


Mary W. had laser gum tissue contouring and then restored upper ten teeth.  She plans to do the lower arch in the near future.

Before After


Mary H. had some gum tissue laser contouring done before she had the upper front 6 teeth veneered (upper right canine to upper left canine). She did not want any posterior teeth done and no lower teeth treated at this time. She also selected a more natural shade for her teeth rather than make them extra white.  There is a very slight shortening of Mary's left front tooth veneer that is easily done and will be done at her next visit. 

Before After


Julie had a nearly complete breakdown of her teeth and smile.  A full mouth reconstruction and cosmetic dental makeover was done.  She had laser gum recontouring, bite opening, bridges and veneers.    One should note that these are clinical photos and not studio shots that have been touched up by a professional photographer.

Before After