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  • Jack E. Osterhaus, D.D.S

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Cosmetic Imaging


Showing people how they could appear with a more appealing smile is by far the most effective way to create more clarity for patients on how their new smile might be realized. It creates an emotional impact that words, waxups, mockups or demonstration pictures can never equal. Although waxups and mockups are used in our practice, once people see their own new smile in a cosmetic imaging, fear is often reduced about going forward with treatment. Smile-Vision is the system we use for this service at our dental center.


With the patient’s permission, we take a digital photo of their smile and send it via the internet to the Smile Vision labs with our instructions on how we want the smile imaged. All this goes on behind the scenes without the doctor or patient spending a lot of time at the chair or a computer terminal. This allows our dental office to offer visual case presentations to our patients in just a few days by either having the patient return for consultation or sending the image directly to a patient at their home computer. The Smile-Vision system will help you consider the value of this service at your leisure. You also have the ability to request changes and make special requests for smile design.


Below is an example of a smile vision imaging.


Original digital photo


The Smile-Vision image