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Sapphire Professional Teeth Whitening


In our quest to bring you the best in cosmetic and restorative dentistry products, we are "going one step beyond whitening" with the new Sapphire Chairside Whitening system. With over 70% of America wanting a whiter smile and most consumers looking for a light activated system, we are pleased to introduce the newest line of whitening products from the cosmetic dentistry innovator: Sapphire Professional Whitening

Experience Immediate Whitening Gratification!

Sapphire Professional Whitening System

  • Achieve rapid whitening of up to 12 shades in one hour, or over 7 shades in as little as 30 minutes1
  • New Sapphire Desensitizing Enhancer shields teeth from potential whitening sensitivity
  • Contains the added benefits of fluoride to help protect against caries and demineralization
  • Whiten with the Sapphire Plasma Arc Whitening and Curing light to give patients a state of the art experience
  • New Sapphire After Care Kit now included featuring Sapphire Home Whitening & Sapphire Brilliance Toothpaste.

1 University of Buffalo, Sapphire Light Study Extention, April 2006

This is a picture of Ashley Blosch, a patient in my practice and aspiring model. She had Tray Bleaching of her teeth a few years ago. Ashley is an example of a satisfactory result of tray bleaching that still has some residual whitening after about three years. Ashley's teeth are beautiful. She may benefit from another bleaching session, if she wishes to whiten her teeth further. At the time she had her teeth whitened, Ashley was not a candidate for Professional Whitening, because she was too young for the procedure.



Here is a recent picture of Ashley after just completing Professional Whitening. As you can see she has a very good result and the teeth have a very white appearance.